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Fix “No Internet Connection” issue

A couple of days ago, some applications like Skype, Skype for Business, Outlook stopped working due to a “can’t connect” problem, the only way to make them work was to enable corporate VPN, since I was busy didn’t take care of it and just used the VPN.
This morning, same problem, and so I went to the “VPN trick” to get over it but this time it wasn’t working and after a few minutes I lost the entire interner connectivity on my main machine.
Think you know that no internet connectivity at these days is more or less like a boot disk failure so i started trying nearly everything from reboot, to driver updates, going through wired connection, using tethering etc but got no luck.
I then decided to compare what ipconfig was telling me on two different machines and i discovered a “little difference”, my wifi card was having the Autoconfiguration Ipv4 address set to a weird “169.254.X,Y” no idea of where that address was coming from but I thought that it could be the origin of my problem.

I the started looking for a solution and, voilà, two magic commands solved my headache…

1) Open command prompt as admin
2) type netsh int ip reset +enter
3) type netsh winsock reset + enter
4) reboot your machine

In my case it worked, hope it will be the same for you that you’ve reached this post probably because you have the same problem as me.

Good luck!