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Genymotion and VirtualBox install issue

I use Genymotion as Android emulator for my Xamarin work, I know that there are better alternatives like Microsoft’s Android emulator but since can’t turn on Hyper-V on my machine this is the solution that works best for me.

Haven’t done any Android development recently so since I need to prepare some demos for my forthcoming session at Future Decoded I checked my system and discovered that Android emulator wasn’t working anymore as happened in the past. Checked the logs but nothing evident was listed apart some in influent login error, I then tried to run VirtualBox alone and noted that it was not starting at all, no error nor messages, just nothing was happening.

Ok, let’s reinstall Genymotion to latest version, maybe recent Windows 10 Anniversay update broke something, did that, no errors but, nothing changed, ok, let’s try installing VirtualBox alone from Oracle site and BOOM! got a weird error message about an adapter not being created because it was not possible to rename it (WHAAAT?)

Fired up a search engine looking for solutions and found thousands of thread starting from 2010, some of them even suggesting to repave the entire machine, luckily among this tons of documentation my attention got catched by a guy that claimed to have solved using this steps:

  1. 1-Go to 
  2. C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\drivers\network
    2-Go into each directory contained into network and install the drivers by tight clicking every .inf file and selection Install from popup menu


    3-Go to Network Connections, right click the Ethernet adapter associated with VirtualBox and select Properties


    4-On the network properties panel, click Install and select Services


    5-Now select the Oracle’s VirtualBox driver and select OK


    6-Be sure that VirtualBox NDIS driver is selected.


    7-Complete Genymotion install, if not already done, otherwise, just download a device and runt it, if it is your lucky day, it should work.

    You can read the original answer here, it also worked for me of course.

    …and after this annoying procedure you can go back coding in relax. Smile


    Genymotion issue with Windows 10 10586

    I use Genymotion for my Xamarin Android development, I know that both Xamarin and Microsoft provide their own emulator but, for my machine configuration Genymotion is the one I like most at the moment.

    This post is to help you find a solution in case the virtual device doesn’t boot on a machine after the upgrade to TH2 aka build 10586, with this message:


    obviously the message is meaningless, digging into device log file located at %LocalAppData%\Genymobile\Genymotion\deployed\  I’ve discovered that error depends on a network issue:

    0:00:01.362237 VMSetError: Failed to open/create the internal network ‘HostInterfaceNetworking-VirtualBox Host-Only Ethernet Adapter #4′

    After doing several test and internet search I finally found the reason of the problem: no idea why but an option in the adapter settings was not selected:


    The option is: VirtualBox NDIS6 Bridged Networking adapter, if not selected, select it and try again, your emulator should now work (or at least, it worked for me)



    Hope it works for you too, otherwise good luck finding the solution, if you find it please share, Genymotion support for free licenses is far than optimal.