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Change x:Bind default binding mode

Recent release of Windows 10 introduced Complied Bindings, an type safe alternative to {Binding} syntax that add compile time checking and better performances, it can also be used in place of ElementName to bind to a UI element property.
In order to squeeze performances the default binding mode of compiled bindings is OneTime, this means that any further change of bound property after initial one won’t get propagated to bound UI property, and this, personally, is one of the most annoying things because i often use properties whose value changes and everytime i spend time figuring why they don’t before remembering of this different behavior.

To give you an example, let’s take this simple ViewModel

Page code behind

and page markup

if you try this code you will see that value doesn’t change when you click the button, this is because of default OneTime binding.

While you can change the behavior by adding Mode=OneWay to the Count binding, if you have many bindings and you’re targeting Fall Creators Update you can use the new attibute DefaultBindingMode

The plus of using this attribute is that it changes the default binding mode to all compiled bindings contained in the element where it is applied (and all childrens) saving a lot of time.

Nice! waited a long for this Smile