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Force assembly linking in Xamarin.iOS projects

I’ve updated Xamarin.Forms.Behaviors package to v 1.2 to fix an issue reported by alexandremblah (thank you!) that was preventing the package to work on iOS, the issue was that Xamarin.Behaviors.dll couldn’t be loaded.


After a few tests I’ve used JetBrains DotPeek to see what gets deployed to emulator


and, as you see, Xamarin.Behaviors dll is missing, that’s the cause of the exception.

In iOS project there’s an option that might solve the problem:


but unfortunately changing Linker option to “Link all assemblies” didn’t fix, probably because all Behavior stuff is handled in XAML which is loaded at runtime, so there is no code using Behaviors types.

The only option I’ve found to force iOS linker to deploy Behaviors library is to include some code on iOS project that interacts with some entities in the library, so I’ve added an Infrastructure static class that exposes a Init method that does practically nothing.

public static class Infrastructure
  private static DateTime initDate;
  public static void Init()
   initDate = DateTime.UtcNow;

And inside iOS project you have to add a call to Infrastructure’s Init method.

public override bool FinishedLaunching(UIApplication app, NSDictionary options)

   //Added to prevent iOS linker to strip behaviors assembly out of deployed package.

   window = new UIWindow(UIScreen.MainScreen.Bounds);

   window.RootViewController = App.GetMainPage().CreateViewController();


   return true;

with this magic trick assemblies gets included and behaviors work fine:


Android and Windows Phone projects don’t require this method invocation.

Enjoy and thank for your feedback.

2 Responses to “Force assembly linking in Xamarin.iOS projects”

  1. Thanks, you saved our day – unfortunately, the end of it!

    Anyway, cheers!

    Comment by Mehran — 16/10/2014 @ 11:26

  2. Great! Thanks! Wonderful library, it’s really helpful. Thanks a lot!

    Comment by KLNHomeAlone — 21/06/2015 @ 23:43

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