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UWP Localization inside a library

Many of my blog posts comes from personal real world needs, since many of them requires more than just an internet search, when i struggle with some of them I try to share my experience with the online community.
The goal of this post is very simple at first sight: Localize a control that resides inside a control library and make the language used by the control different from the OS one (e.g. Control text in German while running on an English version of Windows)
The master of UWP localization documentation is this MSDN link, so I won’t add anything else since it will just result in a duplicate,
Following the MSDN documentation I’ve created two projects: A UWP client (LocalizationInLib) and a control library project (ControlLibrary) inside the latter I’ve created a Strings folder containing the default localization file Resources.resw and inside of it an additional “it” folder containing the italian translation of master Resources.resw content.

Here’s the project structure


and here’s what’s inside both Resources.resw files



Nothing new until now if you read the previously mentioned MSDN link.

Let’s now define our simple MyTimer control in XAML and a SetLanguage method that accept the control culture to use.

This way we can invoke SetLanguage from the client application depending of what culture the user selected in main app.
We have now reached the core point of this post and what made me hit the head several times: what code should I use to load the proper resources at runtime? after many tests and investigations here’s what I ended up with:

Important detail is to use the proper namespace inside GetForViewIndependentUse otherwise the method will fail.
Just few lines of code, but took me some time to figure out how to properly combine them, so I hope this will help you in future.