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How to uniquely identify a Windows 8 device from WinRT

There are some cases where you need to identify a precise Windows 8 device (imagine a subscription that’s locked to a specific machine), in Windows Phone you could use:

Microsoft.Phone.Info.DeviceExtendedProperties.GetValue( "DeviceUniqueId" );

Unfortunately that was not available in WinRT but good new is that capability has been added into final release:


is all you need to get the identifier tied to a machine.

source: stackoverflow

Using Fiddler to ‘slow down’ your network connection

I’m working on a Windows 8 application and I need to test its behavior under relatively slow network connections in order to optimized user feedback. After some investigation I remembered that Fiddler offers such options.
Just run Fiddler, and select Rules->Performances->Simulate Modem Speeds



And you’re done, your Windows 8 app magically slows down…

Don’t forget to remove it when done! Smile